Something Glistens on a Winters Eve.

Hi everyone, still busy making for the crafting Christmas season? I’m just finishing something a bit special, it’s a lovely evening wrap.

It’s actually a pattern I used earlier in the year with some lovely lambs wool, but this wrap couldn’t look more different and it’s the yarn that makes it looks so snazzy… Creative Reflection (print yarn pastel 004), by Rico Design, is the most amazing glittery yarn in the most subtle almost Rainbow hue… a lace weight yarn that’s a joy to crochet.

Almost finished now, just doing the edges, then I’m going to block it after sewing in… this lovely pattern that looks so difficult, yet is easy to do if you can follow a chart. A gift from Helen Kennedy the designer and free on Ravelry.

Here are some WIP photos and I’ll post some finished photos once it’s ready, so do come back and take a look…

Happy crafting friends… Dxxx


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