Blue like the sky

Here is another yarn that didn’t seem happy in my intended pattern. Frogging seems to play a large part in my crochet world.

I start a piece with excitement and dedication and slowly I realise it looks or feels awful, the yarn is not happy with its chosen form, so I frog and frog back to the beginning with a deep sigh and a philosophical smile.

This is a remake of the Blue Shawl on a sunny day wool.

This is how it went with the Blue Sky shawl, but I finally found the patten, the shawl it was supposed to be a lovely easy pattern called  No stopping me now by MarlyBird, this pattern allows the colours and softness of the wool shine out, with its looosely flowing v shaped design… the wool I’m using is James C Brett Woodlander in Blues… now it’s a joy to crochet, it makes all the difference when you get it right… Dxxx

And the finished product, hanging up in the craft fare I sold it at… woohoo, I guess this was the right pattern… Dxxx


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  1. jo creates says:

    I know what you mean about having to find the right pattern. I think your shawl looks great! 😊😊


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