Festival Poncho

Did you ever buy a yarn because you loved it, with no idea what to make with it? Well that’s how the festival ponch began life, several balls of wool with no real purpose in life, other than to look fab…

I tried one or two patterns but nothing looked quite right…

Then one day I thought, I know I want to make a short poncho, but I wanted to design my own and to complicate things I wanted to try a technique to make chunky out of DK… sucker for punishment that I am… lol.

So that’s how the Festival Ponch started life, a vague notion and some lovely wool that wasn’t thick enough… lol…

I started with a chain that when held in a circle fit comfortably over my head and then kept adding rows of different stitches till it seemed long enough, I then added a decorative edge and a coller for fun, and just like that I have a festival poncho, just enough to keep my shoulders and neck warm on chilly summer or autumn days, what fun… sometimes the wool just tells you what it wants to be… Dxxx

And finished poncho…


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