Blue Shawl on a Sunny Day

View from Pendenis Point looking towards St Maws and the Fal River.

Another day another Shawl, feeling that spring isn’t to far away with the daffodils blooming and blue sky at least occasionally. So time to start another project another small shawl, this one is using a pattern from a Inside Chrochet magazine issue 87 Ombré Shawl by Sarah Shrimpton and some love James C. Brett Woodlander DK wool. 

Just getting started now I’ve completed some other projects, updated photos to do of those and then I’m back on track. 

We had a bit of time out last week when uncle Tim (thank you Tim) took us up to Birmingham to Comicon, as a geeky family lots of fun was had by all, our son loved it. Lots of storm troopers and anime characters about, much giggling and photos where taken and tshirts and memorabilia purchased…

We rarely leave our home county, after all if you live somewhere as lovely as Cornwall why would you go anywhere else…

Happy Crocheting friends… Dxxx


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