Making a Cover for a Footrest. 

My partner wares big heavy army type boots with a habit of wearing them all day in or out of the house not normally that much of a problem for most folks. However my hubby due to lots and lots of surgery due to rare bone cancer has a leg he can’t bend which means when he sits on the sofa he needs to have his leg up on a footrest. However having a lovely new footrest and big army type boots doesn’t board well for the footrest, to remain lovely and new that is.  So this has lead to this weeks side project, a footrest cover to help protect it whilst looking scrummy and being comfy for said partners somewhat fragile leg.

So I’ve planned for while to make a small cover for the footrest but didn’t want a fabric one and I wanted to still see the footrest through it. I found this great pattern by and I’m using James C. Brett, Marble DK (Shade MT1) doubled up, ive also adjusted the pattern count to make it only wide enough for the footrest and I’ll crochet it up, till it fits and finish off… as usual I will add regular updates as I get further along with this piece so remember to check back to see how it comes out… enjoy the weekend… 

Happy crocheting friends… Dxxx


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