During the Quiet Months

It’s  during the quiet months that I make the stock for the coming years craft markets. Now I’ve re stocked the shop I’m going to work on stock for my stall… 

This year I’m hoping to start chainging the stock I have on my stall… as well as the look of my stall,  I’m going to, over the next year put together two different stocks for my stall… a summer stock mostly bags and summer shawls and a winter stock of hats scarves shawls and blankets… this will take a long time to fully achieve as I will also be working on getting my textile work in to galleries for that journey look here and here… 

I have lots of patterns in mind but today’s project is a lovely shawl by made peachy and is a lovely stash busting Shawl. The pattern is in grey with stripes of other bright colours but I’m doing a cream base with pastel shades except for a dark plum with will just lift the Shawl a little…

These are all style craft wools it’s such lovely wool so soft and such lovely colours… but this could be made from any Arron weight (or like me do a lighter version in DK) left overs you have handy. I’ve only just started this shawl so there’s a way to go yet check back for updates as I’ll post pics as I go along… Happy crochet friends… Dxxx


Having had a little time on my hands mostly in the small hours… I’ve managed to get quite a bit of this shawl done… not finished yet but almost there… 


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