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As I’ve mentioned before I’m an Art teacher, yes with a capital A 😊I love sharing techniques, helping others explore materials talking about art, the world and everything… I currently teach Art to students with Mental health problems covering a spectrum of mental health problems and a wide range of serverity. Art is the thing that draws people in and while in class we work on all sorts of personal development stuff, such as, social skills,time keeping, tolerance of others etc.

It’s a very mixed bag of people from all kinds of backgrounds and beliefs and they all interact with each other while learning something they want to learn. Rather than teaching all my students the same thing, I ask all my students to choose their own projects it’s very empowering making your own decisions and choseing your own goals and together we negotiate what they will get out of it. However occasionally something one person wants to do also happens to be something others have wanted to learn to, this is how my current class evolved, I have ten students of those ten five are learning to crochet, of that five, four are left handed and in the beginning said, I can’t crochet I’ve tried loads of times or no one has been able to teach me I’d love to learn.

This was the way we started this class, lots of I can’t do it’s and me thinking great crochet, but not knowing how to teach left handers…We tried during the first couple of classes to have them learn left handed from my right hand crochet or to learn right handed but it didn’t seem to be working and I was in danger of losing them, people with mental health problems can sometimes find failure difficult, so I bit the bullet and learned to crochet left handed, which was a lot tougher than I thought it would be and much harder for my right hand to grasp than my left… but I managed it… this gave me the tools and the confidence to teach my left handlers how to crochet left handed and I’m very happy with their progress. One is making a granny square blanket, another has moved on to Tunisian Crochet and is making a bag and others are making granny triangles and other motifs, it’s lovely to see these fragile people accomplish something they thought they would never manage to do. As a teacher it’s always rewarding to see students succeed but for me it’s been about my journey as a left and right handed crocheter… YouTube and Pintrest played a big role in my success so it’s it’s thanks to all those that post tutorials of every imaginable kind on these platforms free and available for those of us in need… I hope you all have a good week and happy hooking everyone… Dxxx

My students crocheting and Tunisian Crochet…

My left handed demonstration granny square for when I need to show a student how to do something… not half bad for a righty… lol


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  1. My daughter is left handed and I have a really hard time teaching her to crochet.


    1. ravenswyrd1 says:

      You tube is brilliant even if you can’t teach her there’s lots of really good videos and she can stop and rewind as often as she needs… good luck… Dxxx

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