Another Day Another Project

I think by now you are realising I’m a flighty butterfly mind kind of gal, sticking to one thing has always been a problem for me, but today’s project is an IOU from the christmass holidays. I had promised my son I would make him yet another hat (number 3) because he keeps loosing them they disappear in to the void that is his school never to be seen again despite being one of a kind and very distinctive… 

Anyway back to today and despite having three other projects on the actual burner at the moment I though having been ill over the whole of the christmass period I should make a start on his hat seeing as it quite cold even here in Cornwall at the moment… So I dug out the wool I had put aside for it and rummaged around for my knitting needles which hardly ever see the light of day now that I can crochet, and begun to knit a new hat for Pickle… I’m using Marble Chunky and a kids Santa hat pattern by Craftown available on Pintrest

Have a good day, happy crocheting or knitting… Dxxx


Finished project… yay…. a little big but he loves it… Dxxx


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