Preparing a Valentine

Spending time drinking coffee and making some lovely love hearts for a wall hanging, based on Creative Jewish Moms blog post which is really easy and creates a lovely adaptable wall hanging this pattern will make some lovely individual hanging hearts as well… I’ve used an Arron 100%cotton in pink, natural and duck egg blue for mine but I might experiment with other colours in wool as I go along… All the patterns for this can be found on the blog which has been shared on Pinterest to… I love Pinterest my only problem is tearing myself away to make some of the things I’ve pinned… it’s so inspiring to see all the fabulous patterns and tutorials available from such generous makers around the globe. You can follow me on Pintrest here

Take care and happy crocheting, an evening of crochet ahead after basking in this wonderful sun set… Xxx


All pieces made just need to go out to the woods and find a likely branch to paint white… more photos when it’s complete… here are the bits so far… xxx

At the risk of advertising this is the tester pot I used…

And the finished wall hanging which is now hanging in Abi &Boos window… Happy Valentines… Dxxx


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