What am I doing at the moment

I have so many current makes,some for fun, some for work, some for helping me teach crochet, yes I’m a teacher to… I currently have five students learning to crochet would you believe that four of them are left handed, and of course I’m right handed, well not anymore I’ve had to learn left hand crochet to teach them so I can now crochet either way, but it must be said that I’m a faster looser right handed hooker than left… I might have to edit that statement…

Anyway current WIPs, I have two new ish projects at the moment and these are both for me and are both Attic 24 projects, first is the scrummy Moreland blanket, a Christmas prezzy from hubby and a winter wreath which is loosely inspired by Attic24’s Winter Wreath, (photos bellow) I do design some of my own things… more on that later but some of the time it’s nice to make things for the pure joy of making with out the stress of designing…

 Moorland Blanket WIP

 Winter Wreath

Lots of leaves


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